Special Event

Saturday - February 22 at 8pm and Sunday - February 23 at 3pm


2013-2014 Season

43 Years  of Preserving the Past and Embracing the Future  

Wedding Band

Wedding Band

September 13-22, 2013 By Alice Childress Directed by David J. Hemphill Wedding Band is the story of an interracial affair in 1918. Near the end of World War 1, Julia a black woman and Herman a Jewish baker are deeply in love. They have been together for 10 years, despite the very real threat of(…)

Tellin’ It on the Mountain

Tellin’ It on the Mountain

December 6-22, 2013 Book and Lyrics by Lyn Richardson Music by Anthony Cowan and Jennifer Robinson Conceived and Directed by David J. Hemphill The holidays are usually a time of love, joy and good will — unless, you lived in the Dean household. Their holidays were usually filled with turmoil, tears and the occasional chair(…)

Boesman and Lena

Boesman and Lena

February 7-16, 2014 By Athol Fugard    Directed by Walter Dallas It is the late 1960’s in South Africa as the strangle hold of apartheid tightly grips the country. In this historical play we meet an African couple, Boesman and Lena who have been wandering through the bleak mudflats looking for a safe place to pitch(…)



May 2-18, 2014 Book by Ossie Davis, Phillip Rose and Peter Udell Music by Gary Geld   Lyrics by Peter Udell Directed and Choreographed by Laurie Trygg Look out world, Purlie is coming back home! This soulful adaptation of Ossie Davis’ groundbreaking play Purlie Victorious, has been called “Broadways First Gospel Musical.” After leaving his home(…)

Performance Days and Times

Thursday Matinee – 2:00 PM (2nd week only)

Friday Evenings - 8:00 PM

Saturdays Matinee 2:00 PM (2nd week only)

Saturday Evenings 8:00 PM

Sunday Matinees 3:00 PM

All performances are at The Helen K. Mason Performing Arts Center located at 1333 East Washington in downtown Phoenix


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